mDash QuickStart for ESP-IDF

This guide describes how to connect a ESP32 device using ESP-IDF to mDash.


  • Install ESP-IDF framework by following the ESP-IDF guide
  • Create a project, build and flash it on ESP32 device

So, you have an ESP-IDF project successfully built and flashed on your ESP32 device. Now it is time to get your device managed via


  1. Login to
  2. On the "Devices" tab, click on "add device" button to add a new device
  3. Click on a device settings link. A management dialog should appear
  4. Click on a device token to copy it to the clipboard
  1. Make sure you use ESP-IDF release 3.2. Go to the ESP-IDF directory, and branch the 3.2 release:

    git checkout -b v3.2 v3.2
    git submodule update --init --recursive
  2. Go to your project directory. In your project directory, execute the following command to clone the mDash libary:

    git clone
  3. In your project's app_main() function, initialize mDash library:

    #include "../mDash/src/mDash.h"
    void app_main() {

    NOTE: If your code already handles WiFi setup, call mDashStart(DEVICE_ID, DEVICE_PASS);. Make sure that mDashStart() is called only when device obtains IP address.

  4. Add a line to your project's Makefile to link against the mDash library:

    PROJECT_NAME := hello-world
    EXTRA_LDFLAGS = -L$(CURDIR)/mDash/src/esp32 -lmDash  # <-- add this line
    include $(IDF_PATH)/make/
  5. Rebuild, reflash, and see your device connected:

    make flash monitor