Super quick start guide

This guide is the quickest way to get an ESP32 device connected to

  • Download and install Arduino IDE
  • Install ESP32 support in Arduino IDE
  • Install mDash library:
    • Select "Sketch" → "Include Library" → "Manage Libraries"
    • In the search field, type "mDash" and press Enter
    • Click on "Install" to install the library
  • Select "Tools" → "Board" → "ESP32 Dev Module"
  • Select "Tools" → "Partitioning Scheme" → "Minimal SPIFFS"
  • Select "Tools" → "Port" → your serial port
  • Select "Examples" → "mDash" → "Minimal"
  • Edit Minimal.ino sketch - enter WiFi name/password and mDash device password. In order to get mDash device password,
    • login to
    • click on "add device" button to register a new device
    • click on a device settings icon
    • click on device token to copy it to the clipboard:

  • In Arduino IDE, click on "Upload" icon to compile and flash the firmware
  • In mDash, your device should turn green. From this point on, you can manage it remotely - call commands, edit files, update firmware, etc.