Web App

An app - web app, or iOS/Android app, is something you give to your customers to actually use your product. Whether it is a simple smart plug, or a complex factory monitoring product with plenty of sensors and dashboards - an app always ships together with your physical devices.

Your customers register, login, and interact with their devices and data using an app. mDash provides a Customer REST API that app can use to get a restricted access for devices.

Traditionally, there two kinds of apps:

  • A native mobile app for iOS/Android. If you decide to go this way, develop and publish a native app yourself.
  • A web app. Arguably this kind of app is much easier to develop, support and maintain. mDash provides web app serving functionality, and a ready to go example implementation.

mDash can serve a PWA web app that is under your full control. By default, a web application from the Smart Light reference project (described in a Quick Start) is served, located at https://github.com/cesanta/mdash-smart-light/tree/master/mobile-app. That default web app provides customer registration, login screen, and Smart Light device control.

You could take the default application, modify, and upload your own version. The default app uses PWA technology, i.e. it is a progressive web app. It is written using Bootstrap and Preact. The Preact code is written in a plain ES3 JavaScript, without JSX or similar layer, in order to avoid an extra build step. You, however, can use absolutely any Web development stack.

iOS and Android support

If you decide to implement iOS or Android native app for your customers, you could to that. Use PWA Web App as an API usage reference.