Cloud Connector

WiFi, Ethernet, Cellular. Host MCU OTA update

Cloud Connector connects an existing device (product or a proof-of-concept) to the Internet with minimal changes.

Cloud Connector is a pre-built firmware for ESP32. Get an ESP32 module from any distributor, flash a Cloud Connector firmware on it, wire Cloud Connector to your microcontroller, and you're done. Cloud Connector works with any host MCU, starting from a tiny 8-bit AVR up to a powerful 32-bit STM32F7.

Cloud Connector connects simulaneously to mDash to provide device management, and to your own cloud. Cloud Connector can update your device over-the-air without requiring making any changes to your device's firmware on the host MCU.

Cloud Connector is ideal for:
1) Retrofitting devices to make them Internet-connected and updatable,
2) Implementing voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

Cloud Connector
AWS, Azure, Google IoT Yes
Device provisioning Yes. WiFi AP, BLE
Networking logic on Cloud Connector
Requires Host MCU change No
Host MCU OTA update Yes
Emergency remote control Yes
Follow QuickStart Guide
Cloud Connector diagram
Host OTA
Update your Host via Cloud Connector
Voice control
Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Hassle-free integration
Cloud support
AWS, Google, Azure, IBM Watson
Private MQTT or RESTful server
Any framework/IDE
Develop Host firmware
Using tools familiar to you
Simple integration
No network programming required
Single-header drop-in client library
Write a function on your Host
Call it via a RESTful call
Device shadow/twin
AWS device shadow
Azure device twin
Client library
Host MCU and cloud talk to each other via Cloud Connector

Supported hardware

WiFi embedded module
Hardware WROOM32
Type WiFi
Buy on
WiFi evaluation board
Hardware ESP32-DEVKITC
Type WiFi
Buy on
WiFi/2G cellular device
Hardware M5-Stack
Type WiFi, Cellular 2G
Buy on
(*) Cellular requires an extra GSM module
WiFi / Ethernet eval board
Hardware Olimex POE
Type WiFi, Ethernet POE
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Demo videos

DEMO: Arduino Uno + AWS device shadow
DEMO: Arduino Uno + Google Assistant
DEMO: Update STM32F4 over-the-air

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