About us

We are Cesanta - a technology company based in Dublin, Ireland.

Since 2013 we develop software with focus on connected products and Internet of Things. Our products include:

  • mDash - device management IoT Cloud
  • VCON - Immediately deployable MCU module, connected and upgradable (OTA), with a ready-to-go management dashboard
  • Mongoose OS - an IoT firmware development framework
  • Mongoose Networking Library - embedded networking core

Our solutions are:
integrated into over 2,000 commercial products
deployed to over 10,000,000 production devices

Cesanta, 13 Edward Place, Bloomfield avenue, Dublin 4,
      Ireland, D04 C2F4

+353 1 592 5476


Our customers

We have sold to hundreds of customers, ranging from small enterprises to Fortune 500 giants:

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