About us

Cesanta Software Ltd. is headquartered in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Our story roots back to 2004, when Mongoose Web Server Library development started.
As Mongoose Web Server grew in popularity and matured over the following years, in 2013 Cesanta was established to continue its development and provide support to our valued customers.

We are proud to have among our customers many Fortune 500 companies as well as medium and small size businesses. Security and quality of our solutions is a paramount for us and the fact that Mongoose Web Server is used by NASA aboard the International Space Station is the best confirmation to it.

Since 2013, Ceanta has expanded its product portfolio. We develop and distribute embedded software and hardware with focus on connected products and the Internet of Things.

Among our products are:
  • Mongoose Web Server - an embedded web server and networking library
  • VCON.io - a remote firmware update and continuous automated firmware tests service
  • mDash.net - an all-in-one IoT Platform
  • Mongoose OS - an operating system for low-power microcontrollers

Our solutions are:
integrated into thousands of commercial products
deployed to hundreds of millions devices in production environments

Cesanta, 13 Edward Place, Bloomfield avenue, Dublin 4, Ireland, D04 C2F4

+353 1 592 5476


Our customers

We have sold to hundreds of customers, ranging from small enterprises to Fortune 500 giants:

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