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Issue #1: 10/10/2019 Here is our pick of the most interesting IoT products on the market.

Joto a smart robotic drawing board enables you to send drawings to your walls and can sketch everything from works of art to love notes, to-do lists to puzzles. Using the Joto app on a mobile device, you can discover, create and send jots home to your wall from anywhere in the world. As soon as you send something to it, Joto's pen starts to move. It has an eraser and a dock too so when you are ready for something new, it refreshes the surface and prepares itself for your next Jot. Priced at £399.

At around $7.99 each, Wyze a WiFi Bulb lets you turn on/off, adjust brightness or change color temperature of your light from app or by voice via Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also control lights individually or together as a group with the Wyze app and turn an entire room’s lights on/off.

With Eve Aqua smart water controller you have a garden sprinkler to turn automatically according to an easily configurable schedule or activate your irrigation from anywhere, whenever you want from the smartphone or web interface. Priced at €99.95.

Wahoo Tickr Fit Heart Rate Armband is a heart rate monitor that can connect to your fitness apps, smartwatch, bicycle computer, etc. and whatever else you use. Wahoo and can be used as a run tracker and can also count reps when you lift weights. It has a physical on/off button and rechargeable and priced at €79.99. Jill Duffy of Pcmag argues: “Wahoo Tickr Fit is a comfortable and accurate armband heart rate monitor. It has plenty of extra features, plus maximum compatibility with other devices. The price is right, and it's easy to use. So if you're looking for an optical armband HRM, it's definitely one worth checking out.”

Nuki smart door lock automatically unlocks your door when you get home and securely locks it again when you leave. It attaches to the back of an external door by mounting over the existing cylinder lock. You can keep control, check the status and manage access permissions for your friends and family at any time on your smartphone or online. From €229.

Yeelight announces details of improved Colour Smart Bulb. Simon of Homekitnews argues: “It looks pretty much the same as the current generation, However, there is a subtle difference that will make those of us who are energy conscious happy. The bulb’s lumen count stays at 800lm, but the company has managed to make it 15% more efficient than the current gen, thus saving money on your energy bill.” From $49.99 for 2 pack.

Anova Precision Cooker delivers a precise way took cook using a cooking technique that enables precision temperature control. And works by circulating heated water in a pot, cooking food to the exact set temperature. This technique eliminates overcooked, dried out food and ensures edge-to-edge perfection. Using Bluetooth it can connect to the iPhone to make using the device even easier. Starting from £99.

Lidl is launching smart light strips. Length-adjustable and self-adhesive, 8 dimmable colours 1.5m power cable 3m light strip. With audio sensor for sound-controlled lighting effects. At only £16.99 for 3m length. No pictures available yet but the launch is expected to be on October 13th, 2019.

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