UART Gateway

connect any device to the Internet via UART

UART Gateway helps to retrofit a non-connected device and add a cloud connectivity via exposed serial port. It is a pre-built, ready-to-go firmware for ESP32 or ESP8266 microcontroller and enables any device connect to the Internet via UART in a simple way:

⊳ Everything that your device sends to UART gateway, it forwards to the server of your choice (TCP, MQTT, Websocket, BLE central)
⊳ Everything that your server sends to the UART gateway, it forwards to the UART serial port on device

Cloud support AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure, Google IoT Core, IBM Watson, private MQTT, TCP, Websocket
Provisioning WiFi access point, BLE
Configuration Highly configurable: thresholds, intervals, etc.
Security TLS1.2, flash encryption
Works on Embedded module: ESP32 WROOM32; Evaluation board: ESP32-DEVKITC; Ready to use: M5-Stack

Ready made IoT Cloud management infrastructure


Industry standard TLS 1.2
Token-based authentication

Built-in DB

Dedicated database
For device data and logs

Mobile APP

PWA web/mobile app
Reference provided

Integrated with third party IoT Clouds and private MQTT



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Microsoft Azure


Google IoT Core

IBM Watson IoT

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