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mDash is a comprehensive end-to-end firmware plus cloud solution that is scalable, cost-effective and optimal for companies like us.
userpic Steven Keck, Owner, Kegtron, USA
Kegtron uses mDash to bring "Kegtron Pro", a smart keg monitoring system, to the market. Full story →

We have thousands of devices connected to mDash. It is a very reliable system that allows us to troubleshoot, monitor and update our users’ devices whenever we need.
userpic Jim Rhodes, Founder & Director, Those Ltd, UK
Those Ltd uses mDash to bring JoTo, a robotic drawing board, to the market. Full story →
mDash has proven to be stable and gets the job done. Its features, such as OTA and shadow, saved us a lot of custom development and shortened product time to market. We frequently audit our software stack and follow market developments, but from our point of view there are very few alternatives that can actually offer the same solution.
userpic Thijs Olthof & Founder, Innovation in Motion B.V, NL
Innovation in Motion B.V uses mDash to bring Slide, a smart curtain system, to the market. Full story →

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